We had to burn the evidence

By: Erlend Svardal Boee

Last year I visited Belarus with JEF Norway. After several days with democracy workshops, the time came to say goodbye. I noticed a fire out in the garden. When I asked why they made a fire, the reply was that they had to to destroy the evidence from our visit – all of the papers that contained the words “freedom of speech”, “democracy”, “human rights” and so on.

They burnt the papers in fear of their own government. “Democracy” is a swear word in Belarus.

If you want the belarusians to stop fearing their own government and support the struggle for democracy, join the “Free Belarus Action” now. This action is such a little effort for us who lives in a safe democratic country, but it means the world for those who still live under a dictatorship without the freedom of speech. Free Belarus today!

Check out www.free-belarus.eu for more info on our action!